The beta gives you the first look at INKR Comics, the app we’ve been working on over the past few months. With your feedback, we'll continuously improve the app and add more features in later releases.

The comics catalogue in the beta is still very limited. We're working closely with comics publishers and will publish more quality, diverse titles when we get closer to the official launch.

Who can participate?

Anyone can join the beta. No sign-up required.

Click here to get the app on Android.

Click here to get the app on iOS.

How many people are accepted into the beta?

While we really want to accommodate everyone, there is a limit on the number of beta users on iOS. From time to time we will remove inactive users, so if the program is full now, you can try again later.

There is no participant limit for our Android beta program.

What kind of content is available in the beta?

A sample of our comics lineup, including manga, webtoons and manhua, is available for you to read in the beta app. We're working with many comics publishers and will publish more quality, diverse content when we get closer to the official launch.

If you are interested in what will be available at launch, check out our Content lineup.

What can I do to be an effective beta tester?

  • Review our changelog after each release and test out new features.

  • Visit our feedback forum, check out other users' ideas, and submit your feedback and bug reports.

What kind of feedback are you looking for?

If you experience an issue where the app crashes, freezes, or acts in a way that simply doesn’t make sense, we want to hear about it!

If you have a problem with how a feature works, or feel that something is missing, let us know.

How can I submit feedback and bug reports?

  1. Visit our feedback forum — this is where you can leave public feedback.

    • Check out other people's ideas, comment on them, vote for your favorites.

  2. Add new idea or report a bug.

You can also send your feedback directly to our Support Team.

When is the official release?

The official release is targeted for Q3, 2020. We’ll keep you updated on the timing as we get closer.

Will my data carry over to the official app?

All your data and reading progress during the beta will carry over into the official app when it launches.

You'll need to install the official app via the App Store or Play Store when it is released.

I'm currently a member of MR Comics Membership, what benefits do I have in INKR Comics?

You can sign in with your MR account to remove ads in INKR Comics.

We're working to bring all your membership benefits to INKR Comics as soon as possible.

How can I transfer my data from Manga Rock to INKR Comics?

Data transfer between the apps is not yet available. We're still working on this feature for the official release.

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